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We are a Miami-based production company that creates movies, tv shows, and music worth watching, but with positive and wholesome themes. We are community oriented in that all our projects are filmed with local talents and sponsored by the community at large. If you want to join our team, send us an email with your name, photo, cell number, and tell us a little bit about you.

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Jesus A. Prieto
Executive Producer


LUCKY BREAK television show

Rachel Chaya has been cast to host the weekly tv show entitled “LUCKY BREAK”.

Each week she will interview producers, directors, and casting staff regarding roles they want to fill for current production projects.

They will explain what they are looking for, what the qualifications are, and how they can be contacted.

“There has never been anything like this in the history of local television,” says Rachel. “And we also have a segment to feature local undiscovered talents.

So if you think you have what it takes to be a model, actor/actress, singer, etc … then contact us at luckybreak@usaindie.com — make sure you send us a current photo and a little noted about you.

If you are under 19 years of age, you MUST contact us via a parent or agent.

Actors Needed for New Movie

We are looking forward to start casting for roles in an upcoming movie entitled “Have It Now”.

Casting will formally start January 1, 2010.

The final touches are being made to the script, and the production team is working hard in securing local shooting locations and other resources.

Aspiring actors, of all age range, will be needed for this project. We would also like to film interviews real-life “balseros” which will be shown at the end of the movie. Here is a great opportunity to tell the world their stories, and reveal what really is going on in the island.

This is the story about a Cuban couple who risk their lives, as “balseros” immigrating to America to ensure their son grows up in a free society, and do his part to free his country. But the young man grows up and, thinking that there is no way to free his motherland, decides to focus instead on his own pleasures and walks away from pursuing his mission in life.

Kuba Tunes Joins USAindie

We are happy to announce that KUBA TUNES has signed with our music production department. He is a gifted songwriter and singer. He is well known locally for his reggaeton and salsa tunes. Here is a behind the scenes videos to give you a taste of his music. Expect his words to move your soul and his music to move your feet.

He is available for concerts, parties, church events, and special appearances in any part of the world.

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